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MyTrainer Diet Fitness Workout


My Trainer Dasi is a personalized workout program that meets your needs like a personal trainer ( fitness & diet coach ).Getting enough workout is essential for a healthy weight loss and fitness program.It is not an easy task finding the right workout for specific body types. Simply mimicking fixed fitness programs is not enough; you will find it difficult to get the right amount of workout that will burn enough calories without straining your body. My Trainer Dasi can analyze your Body Mass Index (BMI) to help set goals depending on your body type, weight and body fat percentage. Moreover, it provides a workout program optimized for such objectives.
Working out for the first time?My Trainer Dasi automatically adjusts the difficulty and volume of the workout depending on the body type and body fat percentage. The program is designed to increase in intensity as you progress throughout your workout plan.For weight-loss exercises, bodyweight exercises are best. The program consists of workout with universally standardized movements. To make it easy for anyone to follow, the workout is explained in detail in the workout manual.
Wedding? Vacation? Tailor your program to suit your needs. My Trainer Dasi offers a selection of themes for you to choose from depending on your goal. Preparing for a wedding or summer vacation? Only 15 minutes to spare each day? Whatever the goal or workout schedule you have, you can select the program that will best suit your needs to get you looking great.
Can’t see the changes in your body? Let My Trainer Dasi show you.My Trainer Dasi shows your progress in real time to help you visualize your efforts toward achieving your goal. With a graph charting the changes in your weight, you will be able to check how your body has been changing at a glance.
This program will serve as your very own personal trainer-your best choice for weight loss and fitness.Come and join My Trainer Dasi!
Key Features1. Personalized workout program (fitness, weight loss, fat burning, diet)2. Easy-to-follow workout manuals (fitness manuals with photo)3. Workout program with varying themes tailored to match personal goals4. Ability to check your body mass through BMI measurement5. Possible monitoring and analyses of your progress through a weight change graph6. Notifications to organize your workout habits